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oh boy, we're in for a fun night aren't we

this feels so much like a racket, by the way
like "hey quick, buy this domain before your competitor uses it to say you suck!!!"

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"you can either compress your content or cache it but not both, would be too easy"

just found out apache won't throw 304 not modified statuses if the content is gzipped, absolutely hilarious

it blows my mind every time, mankind is capable of tracking lightning everywhere on earth because we tricked sand into thinking, put it in a small box and plugged an antenna into it

whenever there's thunder outside i open blitzortung.org/live_lightning for the full cathartic experience

just enabled web push notifications on my phone, works great, we're truly living the future 🌸

millennials are killing millennials

wishlist for mastodon: more cute people, more art, more cute art

think i'm gonna have to add "fucking taco eating cunt" to the list of the best things i've read while playing overwatch