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@Gargron can i open a pull request please

wishlist for mastodon: more cute people, more art, more cute art

think i'm gonna have to add "fucking taco eating cunt" to the list of the best things i've read while playing overwatch

my dye is starting to fade, it's a sad day

@Gargron hey by the way, can I bother you one sec with a mastodon issue I'm having? ._.

ah yes, 2AM, typos every word, accurate as a swiss watch

i mean js benchmarks are sometimes flawed, of course, but damn

the fuck, since when does mozilla's js engine outperforms google's v8?

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- so what kind of dog do you want, a shiba, a husky, a lab, a corgi, a pomeranian?
- yes

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based on the demographics of my social circle I think that humans occur about once in every 100 people

my social media accounts are basically petting zoos with emojis

gentle reminder that your name comes out on blu-ray tomorrow, life is good!!

strong urge to pet all the cats in the world right now

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#猫 #ねこ catgram.jp/media/o_4QqY_C1VzPj

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#猫 #ねこ catgram.jp/media/yXHDY_rVyKn2P