Komic @shitpost@from.komic.eu

@corzntin just realized I got something limited to four weeks uGH

@corzntin how the fuck can there be a cap on how much of it you can get

polycules Show more

turns out you can do really cool stuff with gmaps and a bit of css

@halcy daaamn, i'm nowhere near late game then. Loving the game so far though!

@halcy damn how many hours has this game been going on? ._.

@er1n @wxcafe oh right that somewhat explains it

@wxcafe the twitch chat was surprisingly decent for some reason

@Gargron nevermind completely wrong context sorry!

@Gargron how about "12,500 accounts here"?

@Gargron boom, done

thanks for the patch!

@jk wtf are those fancy buses