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@halcy daaamn, i'm nowhere near late game then. Loving the game so far though!

@halcy damn how many hours has this game been going on? ._.

@er1n @wxcafe oh right that somewhat explains it

@wxcafe the twitch chat was surprisingly decent for some reason

@Gargron nevermind completely wrong context sorry!

@Gargron how about "12,500 accounts here"?

@Gargron boom, done

thanks for the patch!

les libristes de service j'en peux sérieusement plus perso

@jk wtf are those fancy buses

@dolfsquare git reset --hard sera toujours là pour toi

@noelle have fun, great game and experience~

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lmfao @ birdsite claiming to now monitor offline behaviour for their checkmark bullshit, you're not even capable of flagging nazism on your platform??