@Retidurc @dolfsquare uniquement présent en experimental sur le repo debian mais au moins ça marche, dhclient est aussi robuste que du carton mouillé.

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@Gargron the first week of every season is toxic as hell sadly. I feel like if you wait a bit, it ends up being way easier to end up in fun, enjoyable calibration matches. Good luck either way though!

just kidding of course it's on, I've even kept it up-to-date! is the pineapple meme still a thing?

*blowing away a few cobwebs*
*taps mic*
is this thing still on?

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don't get me wrong, this is bad, just saying it's not necessarily worse than when github was just github.

warm take: has always been a faceless corporation, can we please wait a bit before freaking out about them being acquired by another faceless corporation?

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we're naming girls after crusty biblical figures while the japanese are naming them things like "snow" or "tender sound" or "soar to heavens" and i just. it's really nice
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