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@Gargron (idk if you've been following the issue so I'll just link it~ github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/)

@dolfsquare je pense que c'est une approche assez naïve tbh

@dolfsquare i mean ils ont déjà tes données, c'est trop tard~ :/

the custom emojis feature being used for cute queer flags is my new favorite thing

@Siphonay persisting issues with the dark theme here, windows keeps overriding stuff for some reason, still trying to fix that
also a few tiny align issues but nothing a margin-left: -1px can't fix
not sure yet if placebo or not, but overall the whole thing feels quite faster, too!

apart from a few small UI quirks, Firefox 57 is honestly the new best thing

@Gargron pulse width modulation, basically a way for (mostly lower or mid range) monitors to handle brightness by blinking very fast. They can be quite straining. :/

@wxcafe we shouldn't have that kind of power

@wxcafe @LottieVixen @bea oh, that sounds about right, the filename is based on their shortcode, that could be an issue when trying to edit them (poke @Gargron)

@wxcafe funny, looks like the alpha layer was discarded when my instance imported it?

how does this look from a non-bleeding edge instance btw?

👏🏻 :mastodon: custom emojis :mastodon: 👏🏻

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