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gTLDs were a mistake

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@shitpost wow you're using the wrong registrar.
@shitpost a .sucks is only $270/year on Namecheap. Don't think it used to be that expensive...

@hector rofl i mean it's not even really about the price

@hector why the fuck do we have a .sucks TLD

@hfaust @shitpost you just came up with a million dollar idea, but .review might serve in the meantime.

@shitpost get your sucks for $339

those better be damn good sucks

@typhlosion @shitpost they had better be certified STD-free and not require me to use a condom at that price

@shitpost I'm not so sure. .sucks could be a great gTLD for some pornographic content.


@shitpost there's a few companies who should buy domains there just for fun. Hoover, Dyson, Henry etc. 😀

this feels so much like a racket, by the way
like "hey quick, buy this domain before your competitor uses it to say you suck!!!"