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don't get me wrong, this is bad, just saying it's not necessarily worse than when github was just github.

warm take: has always been a faceless corporation, can we please wait a bit before freaking out about them being acquired by another faceless corporation?

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we're naming girls after crusty biblical figures while the japanese are naming them things like "snow" or "tender sound" or "soar to heavens" and i just. it's really nice

this handsome boy turned one today!

"The SEC wants to destroy a revolution – a movement of the people – by making an example out of me," Mr McAfee said. "I cannot allow that to happen."

so apparently mcafee has been busy selling tweets to shitty crypto companies to pump shitty coins, and now he and his goons are on the run from the US government?

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"I want this country open to disruption", he said. They disrupted.

turns out you can do really cool stuff with gmaps and a bit of css

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#introduction post!
Hello! I'm a canadian #comic artist and #indiegame maker who loves making stories about queer and earnest teens in space, in the woods and in trouble~

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Okay sometimes Reddit is Good


User has made three posts:

- "I found these pills in my son's laundry, what are they?"
- "How should I ask my child about spironolactone and estradiol?"
- "My daughter is so much happier!"

alright, too funny to fail was absolutely amazing and you need to watch it!! youtube.com/watch?v=mv3xMTQNix

somebody: what if one of those alternate reality tv shows from rick and morty was about music theory
that guy: youtube.com/watch?v=cEMwlgtQlA