huh, just found out my instance's embed.js was broken, I can now enjoy this uh *checks notes* late 2017 feature

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PSR J1748-2446ad is a 32km diameter (you could stack three in our atmosphere), 4×10^30kg mass (twice our sun's) object. It also rotates 716 times per second (24% of the speed of light at its surface).
pulsars are fucking wild

it's actually pretty cool, too, they're pretty much the french official registry for weird pets (see picture!) and their owners. They also dictate how should species be identified (bands, rfid implants, paint...) (don't forget the www, returns a Gandi page because it's bad)

"- guys any name ideas for that new cybergov agency ?
- lol yea"

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just kidding of course it's on, I've even kept it up-to-date! is the pineapple meme still a thing?

*blowing away a few cobwebs*
*taps mic*
is this thing still on?

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don't get me wrong, this is bad, just saying it's not necessarily worse than when github was just github.

warm take: has always been a faceless corporation, can we please wait a bit before freaking out about them being acquired by another faceless corporation?

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we're naming girls after crusty biblical figures while the japanese are naming them things like "snow" or "tender sound" or "soar to heavens" and i just. it's really nice
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